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dd command doesn’t look into file system type, it do nothing with its structure. then this command can be usable for cloning NTFS or other partition types. @Michael the example I gave is a command I have used several times for professional disk recovery. While there are other tools which might do a slightly better job, the example I gave is better at disk recovery cloning than every other dd example here, while also being suitable for cloning an error-free disk. Therefore, I consider my answer to be the best here on how to "use DD for disk cloning". Be aware that while cloning every byte, you should not use this on a drive or partition that is being used. Especially applications like databases can’t cope with this very well and you might end up with corrupted data.

What We Should Notice When We Clone Hard Drive?

On the following screen, click Proceed to start copying your data. With a live cd just shrink the filesystem , than lvm of the last partition (like /dev/sdc3) from the big disk so it can fit on the small disk. Select the advanced options and enable the -icds option to skip disk size checking. Proceed with the clone, remove the old drive, and attempt to boot up from the new drive. If you get errors try the -fsck-src-part option which helps you repair errors on the source disk.

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This is all very timely as I am in process of doing just what you’re discussing…my new hard drive arrives day after tomorrow. It’s a little exciting to see if I’m going to pull this off (replacing the hard drive, etc. I mean, with no previous experience, wish me luck). I’ve used Rebit for several months now, and particularly like the option it has of restoring individual files. If my primary HDD ever does fail, I expect Rebit to install the drive image just as flawlessly as it’s already done with the individual files. When that’s done, you can remove the emergency disk and reboot, and you should be up and running as if nothing had happened… except you’ll be running from your replacement hard drive.

Anyway, it whatsapp for computer did the job, and the system is still working a year later. P. S. And since I’m not able to access the C drive in the MR backup, I can’t access RoboForm password data. So luckily, I had printed out all the passwords and reentered everything one by one. After that was done, I remembered that I also ran SecondCopy for various folders on the C drive, and the RoboForm folder was included.

The first trick is to use Gparted to resize the partitions on the hard drive, shrinking each partition so as to reduce the amount of unused space it contains. Obviously, the partitions must be sized such that the total space required for all the partitions is less than the capacity of the SSD. This process may take a few minutes or a few hours, depending on how much data you are archiving, how fast your CPU is, how much RAM you have, and so on. It will backup your regular files and then your large files . If you have opted to verify your backups, Mondo will do that too.

  • Cloning is a destructive process that will erase the recipient drive, leaving the source drive intact.
  • Click ‘Restore’ at the bottom to begin the process of copying your data to the destination.
  • To do this, restart the computer and hold the ‘Option’ key to load the boot menu.
  • Voila, you have now repartitioned your old drive without any third-party tools and come off looking like some kind of wizard in the process.

If it’s for the UUID, then do you mind shrinking the filesystem before performing the dd copy? If you don’t mind shrinking, then just run resize2fs to get the filesystem down to where it’s smaller than the target disk, and then dd copy it over. On the other side run resize2fs again to expand out and fill the new disk. The SSD was MBR so the hard disk also had to be MBR to restore the backup – not GPT as I’d hoped. In the end, I used an MS Emergency Recovery Disk on a CD to run Startup Repair. Many computers have this already installed on a separate partition, which might be available if an entire hard drive has been copied.

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