Should You Use An Online Paper Editor? Pros And Cons Of Online Paper Editors

hello this is dr. Dave Maass Lag talking about reciprocity calmly is written with the three and in this particular video I really wanted to give you some advice on how you should look for what you should look for with an online paper editor so I’m just gonna go through using or go through the different pros and cons of an online paper editors or using online paper editing services relative to maybe your local service or something like that so if you haven’t figured it out I’m a professor of innovation strategy and entrepreneurship I’m creating this reciprocity thing you can check it out but the reason why I’m wearing a hat in this video is because Saturday and my kids are just starting to go into baseball and we’re trying out for baseball so it’s lots of fun so anyways so what are Y am I actually giving out this video for figuring out that online paper editing or unlike paper editing services and stuff why am I actually trying to put this out I just want to make sure I’m giving you great advice and stuff that I went through some recent actual I created reciprocity but I want to if you’re choosing other things and you know they’re there there’s so many different ways to sort of look at this I want to make sure that you are well aware of all the different services and things that you can do and I just want to be helpful right so I help him help you try to find paper editing services where maybe you are a student for example maybe you are a writer maybe you are I don’t know whatever you are anyway see maybe there’s lots of different things that you can use it for but so what I’m gonna go into let’s go through the cons first and then go into the pros of using an online paper editing service so the first one for the cons is sometimes it’s really expensive to find a good online paper editor and you just don’t know what the quality is you have night and sometimes have to pay them upfront and that’s kind of nerve-racking and stuff cuz you don’t know who this person is there’s lots of sort of what’s called transaction costs and you just don’t know what’s going on with the you know you’re just kind of uncertain with the and stuff like that so ways that you can mitigate this is you can make sure that you are well aware of the person that you use some sort of system and stuff that is reputable because there’s lots of sort of green market stuff that’s out there yeah in and you know definitely makes you nervous and just make sure it’s a really reputable service and stuff like that that you can you can find in that you’re gonna get pretty good and cost you know you’re gonna spend some amount for it and then as well just you know maybe make a list of three or four different online paper editing services or editors and then figure out the cost and gets bids from those different ones right you can figure out which one is appropriate for you second one is the sort of uncertainty of the quality of the online or essay or paper editing service whatever you’re using is you know and again you’re just kind of uncertain about what the quality is going to be for a number different factors you’re sort of remote from them you’re just going through a website so it might be you don’t know who these people are and that is totally fine you should in you should just you know go through make sure that they there’s maybe some quality control sort of things that are in place and stuff like that just to make sure that it is fine and and you can find the appropriate person and you so if you’re paying a lot for the particular online you know paper editor and whatnot make sure that you go and you just vet them in many ways as you possibly can maybe look for certifications so this is what I would teach I’m you know I’m a business professor this is what I have a teach make sure you look for certifications make sure there’s like maybe courses taken and stuff if you’re going through that route obviously I want to sort of make create some sort of system with reciprocity to sort of maybe build that in somehow build it into the system but you know it’s it’s not perfect and it’s still in sort of a work in progress progress in anyways so the second the third thing that you should maybe look into our third con is you’re not supporting local business hey there there’s maybe some local SA editor somebody in town that you can a to get them to edit your essay and when you use these online paper editor services usually getting somebody that’s geographically dispersed somebody from another location right that’s working on that particular paper and if you’re cool with that that’s fine otherwise you want local people make sure you try to vet them somehow I just had a really hard time when I was trying to go through and find people and stuff I use get my mom but you know my mom doesn’t want to do that now so anyways in there is you know just make sure you vet and you look for you get personal contacts and stuff like that to find particular relevant people that are good and I’m you know that’s I’ve used different editors and stuff that way and depending on what I’m using and requiring right you know I might actually go through a personal contact and stuff that I know somebody is exceptional you know for example somebody that works at a major publication or whatnot there’s an editor at a major publication I I might get them to take a look at what I’m doing and stuff and that’s that’s really fine right fourth thing is copyright in intellectual property right infringement again just make sure so that this might be concerned if you’re worried about somebody’s or stealing your ideas or anything like that the issue is is that’s highly highly unlikely if you think about the incentives behind that and behind it so if anybody steals the idea the online paper edit or steals the idea that they’re gonna be kicked off any system right doesn’t matter what it is so for myself with reciprocity if I ever catch that it’s gone they’re gone they’re never gonna be they’re gonna be sort of banned from the system and that’s gonna be like that and any sort of online paper editing service there and for sure that’s got to be built into it there’s gotta be all sorts of systems and cross-checks and stuff like that that you have to make sure that somebody’s not doing anything that’s dicey right and then there are some people out there and you have to watch out for them what else is there there is oh with copyright or sort of plagiarism and stuff like that you just have to you know maybe you have them sign a contract beforehand contracts are not really all that factor though a game part of the reason why cretin create a reciprocity with quality rating services and stuff like that contracts just don’t I mean they’re okay but they are particularly we’re sort of these low you know cloak class things and stuff that you using often it’s just not worth the hassle to to go and get a contract and stuff like that so but yeah in general they they’re they are effective there’s I mean on the website that I have there’s terms conditions and things like that they ensure that there’s a contract but in general you know like their if you’re gonna dispute something it often it’s not worth your time to go through that and you know upfront with that I’ve gone through these kind of issues before and stuff and you know litigators should say it’s not really worth your time going through it and it you know wasn’t on reciprocity but it was another scenario that I was going through but anyways um so what are some pros with the online paper editors why you might want to choose one over sort of a local service or somebody else is because the cost is often really inexpensive right so it’s built in to be really inexpensive you can often find people that are willing to do something much more cheaper than you can in the local area that’s kind of a sort of a smaller issue being the sort of second and third issue I think is more important here the pros sort of the uncertainty over equality with a sort of local paper or editing services when you get somebody that’s local you often don’t know what the quality is truly you don’t know what they are and you know I’ve gone through sort of similar things where I thought that person would be good but they’re really not that good and then what do you do if you have somebody that’s a friend or a family or something like I’m not saying my mom wasn’t good she was awesome but you know we’ve got friend or family and what do you do you’re like I’m kind of stuck so you might want to go with somebody that is sort of arms links transaction that sometimes is really effective and and that there is some system so that’s why I built into reciprocity if you look at how it’s worked how it works is that there is sort of quality checks that are built into it to ensure that people are always good and they’re always providing their best alone the way right in a lot of sort of sharing economy apps are built that way and that’s really what that it this is so like homes home renting and what else is there there is car ride sharing and things like that they have to build in these quality checks and stuff to ensure that people are doing good o ride share you know like things like uber and all that kind of stuff they build that in I mean it’s it’s it’s a necessity to build those things and so you’re actually getting better quality if you’ve ever driven an uber versus going into a taxi cab right the third thing is just ease-of-use and this was a big thing with me is just finding a local person often is really tough and I’m like who do I go to right I didn’t know who to go to often and you know sometimes I ask people and they’re not available and blah you know just all that stuff and it’s really nice to find somebody it’s quick and easy and you could just you know go online for thing is to find finding people that are suitable quality high enough quality that’s really difficult to find people that are exceptional quality particularly because you know people that are high quality are probably not in your local area I live in a pretty small city and they’re probably not in you know there’s there’s good quality people here there definitely is there’s amazing people in the city I live in but then there are amazing people all over the place and if you can identify those particular people and that’s kind of a principle behind the sharing economy if you can find those people around the world or around in the United States for example then you can you can identify them then they could be awesome they can really help you out in a lotta different ways unless we’re really hard to find there gee usually geographically dispersed and that’s why you might want to use an ox unlike paper editor of some sort or only people are editing service of some sort to actually identify those particular people and the fifth thing and this is kind of something I really want to build in and I’m trying to build in to reciprocity it’s just you know writing is really subjective in a lot of different ways extremely subjective subjective and you know I might choose an editor that is amazing and they’re top-notch they work at a high quality publication and all that kind of stuff but then there’s lots of subjectivity around it right so even if they give me advice and they tell me to write in this one way I might not like that at all because it’s not my words it’s not the way that I like things so I might actually want to go and redo it again and get somebody else’s opinion and in Whitney’s online paper or editing services you can get it done as long as it’s fairly inexpensive you can get it done over and over and over again and get sort of get different feedback of different parts and that’s a really cool thing with doing something like that as you get different feedback and stuff so so for example reciprocity gets randomly assigned to somebody and the random assignment allows you to get different feedback from different people that are willing to help you out on the particular thing which is really cool because you get all sorts of different feedback and from views and that’s often what you need versus one particular person right that’s helping you out so with that I think I’ve tried to cover as many different things as I can with you know the pros and cons with online paper editors and trying to find you know helping you try to find appropriate online paper editing services and all that kind of stuff you can check out there’s lots online and you know I’m I’m a big proponent of checking those out and making sure that you are going and checking out all that kind of stuff make sure that you sort of go off and check all these different things to make sure everything’s good and in you know sort of weigh the pros and cons of using them and then choose the appropriate one so that’s it that’s all I have to say take care and have a wonderful day bye

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