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If you can defeat a wild Dynamaxed Pokémon, you’re guaranteed to catch it in its original, de-Dynamaxed form. It’s a great way to quickly build a powerful party to take on the eight gym leaders. The Wild Area also introduces two new gameplay components, the first of which is camping. Camping may not sound like much, but here you can play with your Pokémon and cook curry with them in fun little minigames that also have a benefit in battle.

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It serves as a nice distraction from constant battling, and I admit it’s pretty fun to play catch with your favorite Pokémon The Pokémon in the field are also consistently around certain levels in certain parts, offering up a makeshift barrier in the game to let you know to come back to particular parts of the field later on. For example, trying to capture a level 25 Butterfree when you’re only level 12 isn’t going to work most of the time.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield look absolutely stunning, taking full advantage of the Switch hardware and being on a proper home console. Every location you visit is incredibly detailed, and the world feels more lived in than most other Pokémon games with many more people and homes to explore.

But it also isn’t innovative, and while the Dynamax battles are cool, they don’t feel like a major innovation. They’re fun, they’re cool to watch, and they’re satisfying, just like that piece of cake. Just because the series has been around for decades doesn’t mean every newcomer knows how it works. In short, the games still work in the reliable way that Pokémon games have always worked.

When I’m playing it, I don’t really feel the problems so much. It’s when I take a step back and think about the experience as a whole that I start to feel the disappointment creep in. Instead, it’s simply a gated area that you’ll return to occasionally to do some grinding in between the more traditional routes and roads. It’s 2019, and the Switch is home to games like Breath of the Wild, Skyrim, and The Witcher 3. Pokémon arguably doesn’t need to go fully open world, but the Wild Area should have been so much more than what it is, which is a glorified Safari Zone.

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The British influence on the game is also evident everywhere you look, with some regions and towns modeled after popular tourist attractions like Stonehenge or the Roman Baths. There’s even a proper Underground that can shuttle you to places around Galar.

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